Tuesday, March 13, 2018

5 Boston-Themed Easter Basket Ideas

With limited real estate for toys in our two-bedroom condo, the holidays are a careful negotiation of participation without excess. If you are looking for Easter ideas with a limited amount of "junk" food or toys, consider one of these five locally-based and character-free ideas that we came up with for our Boston kids. Each includes a book, something to wear, one toy and a candy or snack idea. Leave it at that or buy a bigger basket and add-on. Decorate your basket with some ribbon and done. These also make fun themed birthday gift ideas for friends parties!

The T

This is perfect for children 6 months to 6 years (or even older) who are excited about riding the T.

To Read: A Wicked Good Trip $10

To Wear: Sidetrack Products T Shirts available in infant, toddler, youth and adult sizes $17

or go cheaper / get a different line with these wooden cars from the MBTA $12-30

To Eat: Choose your child's favorite candy or snacks if you prefer and put them in little bins and paste wheels on to make it look like train cars. ~$10

Etc: Train wallet including some old T tickets or a Charlie Card (print and laminate your own if you don't have one) $10 and/or a toy train whistle $10

Total Price Tag: $60-75

The Duckling

This works for children 0 - 5. It might be a bit of a stretch for bigger kids for whom the Ducklings have lost their novelty.

For Play: Duckling or bath towel $8-15

Candy: Yellow peeps of course and Cadbury mini eggs repackaged as duck eggs ~$10

Etc: Police hat, police whistle

Total Price Tag: $40-60

The Swan Boat

Perfect for slightly older kids 4-7, who look forward to the swan boats each season. Most kids will need help with the Swan Boat kit.

To Wear: Swan Dress, like this from Gymboree $20 (or this swan t-shirt appropriate for boys too $14

For Play: Swan Boat Kit $10                    

To Eat: Candy eggs of your choice as "swan eggs" $3-5

Total Price Tag: $40-$100+

The Lil’ Lobstah

For children up to age 4, and particularly any little ones taking New England Aquarium Sea Squirts classes!

For Play: Plush lobster $6 and/or wooden toy lobster boat $24

To Eat: Lobster gummies, lobster lollipops, chocolate lobsters, and/or Cape Cod saltwater taffy ~$10

Etc: Lobster bow ties $25 or hair bows to wear on Easter Day or all summer, Magic Grow sea capsules $8

Total Price Tag: $40-80

The Fenway Fan

For children up to age 8 who are excited about baseball or who have parents excited about baseball.

To Read: F is for Fenway Park $15

To Wear: Your favorite Red Sox t-shirt even available in Easter Egg Pink starting at $17

For Play: Baseballs, bats, glove, baseball cards, or MLB shake n score dice game ~$20+

To Eat: Cracker jacks, baby ruth bars, milk chocolate baseballs, and/or gummi hot dogs $10

Etc: Baseball pencils or stickers <$5

Total Price Tag: $60-$100

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