About Us

We are a family of four living based in Boston. We frequently travel to Colombo, Sri Lanka and love visiting new places in between our two urban environments.

Ashley grew up in the Boston suburbs. She has experience in public health and life sciences consulting.

Tim grew up in Colombo, Sri Lanka and attended Royal. He moved to the US for undergraduate education and subsequently to Boston to pursue a graduate degree. Tim co-founded and is CEO of a Boston-based software company with products catering to investment management companies.

We were neighbors in Boston's West End when we met and would bump into each other in the laundry room, the grocery store and out around the city. After marrying, Ashley left her job to spend time in Sri Lanka with Tim, where she volunteered in the neurology ward of the National Hospital of Sri Lanka. Since the birth of two children, Ashley independently contracts on research projects and works from home - sometimes in Boston and sometimes in Sri Lanka. Occasionally she finds time to update this website.

Our children are bilingual in English and Sinhala. Akka - the Sri Lankan word for older sister - is currently a student at Boston Public Schools and has attended Montessori in Sri Lanka as well. Malli - the Sri Lankan word for younger brother - is a busy preschooler exploring Boston under his mother's supervision.

We started this website to share our story with other families, like our own, who want to stay in Boston or any urban setting, and also to share worthwhile experiences we have in Boston, Colombo and everywhere we visit in between.