Saturday, January 11, 2014

Review: Rights of Way - Mobility and the City

I woke up today still pregnant and with no plans due to the imminence of this baby’s birth. It was raining but finally the so called arctic vortex of freezing cold air that has been making headlines the past 2 weeks was gone. I figured I better get my family outside while it was warm out. We headed for Faneuil Hall and happened past the Boston Society of Architects (BSA) at Atlantic Wharf, just past The Tea Party Museum. Husband and I peered in the window at the exhibit and said we should go check it out at some point. Just then the image below caught my attention; or rather the writing caught my attention.

Three days after posting a blog entry about transportation and the city I had inadvertently stumbled upon the Mecca of information about this exact topic. We decided to detour and went inside. This is one of the many perks of living downtown. It is hard to leave your house without finding exhibits, events and other on goings of interest. Our little girl was too young but there was even a special program today while we were there for children K-12. TIP: Check out Learning by Design in Massachusetts(LBD:MA) for more architecture and design programming targeting children!

Back to the original point; I was so impressed with this exhibit I decided it warranted a review on the blog. Hopefully this will direct some traffic, pardon the pun, in their direction. The exhibit is truly multimedia including prototypes of urban transport, iPad and projector videos, a timeline circulating the upstairs room of the history of urban mobility, a comic strip story of the megalopolis of Sao Paulo, etc. 

For me the highlight was the pure facts that popped out including our country’s own lack of investment in infrastructure as compared to China and Brazil, let alone the EU and Japan. Learning that 60% of our country’s population will live in cities by 2030 (guess our family is ahead of the curve!). And Boswash; I never knew about this although the term has been floating around since the 1960s. The exhibit incestuously (Höweler + Yoon designed the BSA space) highlighted Höweler + Yoon Architects: Shareway for the Boswash region – winner of the Audi Urban Future award. 

Rights of Way, which started in December is up until May 26, 2014. For anyone interested in design, architecture, urban planning and development, transportation, inventions, or the future of the U.S. this is truly a must see. It is free of cost.

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