Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year 2014

This August I will celebrate 10 years of living in downtown Boston.  I grew up in suburbia and left Massachusetts to attend a small liberal arts school in Pennsylvania.  Interested in healthcare and being an only child, I decided it was practical to return home in spite of my wanderlust.  Initially I settled in Beacon Hill/Downtown/Financial District, living in 3 different residences over 6 years. After marrying, my husband and I moved to the Fort Point Channel neighborhood. We decided the Children's Museum would be our backyard and the proximity to South Station and routes 90 and 93 would give us easy access for weekends in the suburbs with family and friends.

Beauty in  the Concrete Jungle
Friends told us when we moved here that we would never stay in the city after having kids; that it would be too hard in a small space. I have created this site to tell you that with a toddler and another one expected any day now (!) we are more committed than ever to our life in the city.  I am here to tell you that not only is city living viable but in many ways preferable to life in the suburbs. I am here to tell you about the cost savings, the cultural enhancements, and the healthy living options available in Boston and in other cities around the country for young families.  I am tired of hearing everyone tell us why we should not and cannot raise our children here and I will provide the counterpoint.

I stumbled upon a blog post from a consultant "The Simple Economist" who states more eloquently than I can the reason for this project:

Anytime you live a life that is different than your parents, friends or the way you grew up it is extremely important to convey what it takes to enjoy that lifestyle. For those who decide to live low impact lifestyles, rural, urban, vegetarian/vegan, or even just simpler housing accommodation, communication to others is important. You can do your best to explain the benefits or positives of the choices you have made to let others understand, without being condescending, why you live the way you do. When you live in a 200 sf studio, you don’t want to spend all your time sitting in that space. For many urban dwellers, the tradeoff in space is a worthwhile expense so that you never sit in vehicle in traffic again. But it can be extremely frustrating for suburbanites who visit a tiny intown house or condo only to sit seven deep not wanting to go outside.

So welcome to our lives and our story. We look forward to sharing our experiences raising a healthy family in the city with you and hopefully learning from your stories as well.  Coming up soon are topics including life without a car, how and where to shop, and outdoor spaces.

Here is to new beginnings and healthy living in 2014!

~Ashley, A Boston Family

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