We are a family of four living in a 1200 square foot residence in Boston proper — experiencing the culture, community and diversity of city living every time we step out our door. Follow us to learn why we love our urban lifestyle and how to fully benefit from Boston.

Some of the Benefits of Living in Boston: 1. The city maintains "our yard" for us so we have more time and money to enjoy being outside 2. Others maintain "our cars" for us. We save time and money on car ownership. 3. We can walk almost anywhere we want to go.  4. Boston Public Market. 5. We have FREE full-day public preschool (K1) for all children age four. 6. The top-ranked public high school in the country and other exam entrance public high schools. 7. Boston Ballet School. 8. No snow shoveling. 9. When we go out we can both have a drink or two because neither of us needs to drive. 10. Our smaller space means less to clean and maintain. 11. No boxes of unnecessary belongings filling an attic and basement. 12. A smaller space costs less to heat and cool. 13. Less private space in our home means we spend more time together as a family. 14. Less time commuting. 15. Walking to work is a great way to get ready for the day. 16. Walking home from work is a great way to unwind from work. 17. So many fun indoor places when weather is too bad to stay outside. 18. Private schools recruit for diversity and still never match the diversity at BPS. 19. Going to the airport takes 10 minutes. Coming home from the airport takes 10 minutes. 20. Taking a ferry boat to a playground. 21. Being able to choose between several playgrounds every day. 22. Living in a building means never being home 'alone'. 23. Instacart 24. Going out at night without the children is easy and close to home. 25. Unique toddler classes at the aquarium. 26. Kids' birthday parties at Castle Island. 27. Playing on George's and Spectacle Islands. 28. The Greenway Carousel. The Boston Common Carousel29. Ice Skating on Frog Pond in the winter. 30. Playing in the sprinklers at Frog Pond in the summer. 31. Swan boat rides. 32. Food trucks. 33. Hiking only 20 minutes from downtown34. Walking home from Fenway after a game. Walking home from The Garden after a game. 35. Saving money on ticketing fees buying tickets at the Box Office. 36. Buying same day tickets discounted from BosTix booths. 37. Great events at the Lawn on D. 38. Letting your toddler use "Messy Space" at the Children's Museum, instead of your home for their messy art exploration. 39. Kids regularly sight fire trucks, ambulances, and construction vehicles. 40. Dry-cleaners pick-up and deliver your clothes. 41. Food delivery from hundreds of restaurants. 42. Free admission to the ICA Thursday nights. 43. Running into celebrities around town. 44. Outdoor movies all around the city during the summer. 45. Public art. 46. Outdoor spray parks to beat the summer heat. 47. Out of town friends and family want to come visit.

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